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Serving the Present... Remembering the Past...
Air Force Weather


AWS Nostalgia

C. W. Tazewell

     Looking at the pictures of Asheville and the Weather

Forecaster's School in the recent AWS Observer magazine

brought back many memories.  As you know, I was an "original

member" of the AWS.  I joined the Army Air Corps at Randolph

Field in July 1937, and was first a weather radio operator. 

There were no teletypes then - all weather was by radio.

     I will have to spend some time and get some of the info

together.  I have pictures inside the weather station at

Randolph Field in the 1930s.  I do have some info online -

"One Man's Journey," at

More info is at

     I went to Weather Forecasters School at

Wright-Patterson Field in 1940 when the school was moved to

Chanute.  On graduation I was promoted to Staff Sergeant. 

In those days enlisted weather forecasters were on flying

status, and I had to get my flying time in.  I logged over

500 hours as an observer and radio operator.  Later I got a

commercial multi-engine civilian pilot's license.

     I frequently flew with then Lt. Moorman (retired Lt.

Gen. Thomas S. Moorman, Sr., a past commander of Air Weather

Service and father of the current Vice Chief of Staff of the

Air Force Gen. Thomas S. Moorman, Jr.) ususally in

two-seater trainers.  In March 1939 we went to the San

Francisco World's Fair in BT9 #323.  It took 13:10 hours to

get to Hamilton Field and 12:40 to get back.  I "helped out"

by flying 9:25 hours.  I also "caught a hop" to the New York

Worlds Fair.  I went to the Carnival (Mardi Gras) in Brazil. 

I rode in a B4A Keystone biplane bomber.  

     I was in the Weather Directorate in the Maritime

Building at Washington before the Pentagon was completed,

and was at Gravelly Point and Andrews Field later.  I was

assigned to Asheville when the AWS Hq was there.

     I need to get together with George Chamberlin and fix

up a story about our work at Waller Field, Trinidad in 1942.

     At the suggestion of Freeman Smith I have added a note

to the AWA Internet Page about the triple anniversary in

1997: AWS, USAF and AWA.  I was an original member of the

USAF, also, and was transferred from the Regular Army to the

Regular Air Force when the USAF was formed.

     We need to get more news about the AWA and AWS online -

an "Online Newsletter" on the AWA Page.  Previews of info to

go in the Observer and info that won't fit due to lack of

space can be included - on current events as well as

history.  AWS Press Releases can be used.

     It would help if we can find a couple of people to be

online news editors - one for AWA news and another for AWS

news.  We are "missing the boat" by not passing more news

and history around.  Sharing personal and professional

experiences would increase the feeling of belonging by AWS

and AWA people.

     (Editor's Note:  The above was published in the Air

Weather Service OBSERVER, November 1996, p. 5 & 18, through

the cooperation of Chief Master Sgt. Jim Hoy, Air Force

Weather Superintendent of Weather, in his column "Enlisted

View," "Anniversaries Abound: A Chance To Get Involved In

The Celebrations.")  (Note from Chief Hoy: The following is

an E-mail I received from retired Lt. Col. Calvert "Bill"

Tazewell.  I thought you might like to read it.  I think

you'll find it interesting, helping to understand how we got

to where we are.  It adds some information that follows up

on last month's article about the Air Force's 50th

Anniversary, Air Weather Service's 60th Anniversary, and Air

Weather Association's 10th Anniversary.)  (Magazine Editor's

Note: Colonel Tazewell is the creator and webmaster of the

Air Weather Association's homepage on the World Wide Web.)   

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