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Retired Old Weather Farts (ROWF)

About 20 people participated in the ROWF beer call at the AMS annual meeting in Austin on Tuesday, January 9th 2018.

For AMS 2019 in Phoenix AZ, we'll flip back to Monday evening for the ROWF beer call. Our ROWF beer call will be on Monday January 7th, 2019 in the lobby bar of the main AMS Hotel.
The usual hours are about 5:30 to 7:00PM.

The Air Weather Association (AWA) biennial reunion will be August 1-5, 2018 in Colorado Springs at the Colorado Springs Marriott, 5580 Tech Center Drive, Colorado Springs, CO. See the AWA web page at for more information.

See the Air Weather Association web page for ROWF-related information.

See for
the 557th Weather Wing (formerly AFWA and sort of AFGWC).


Thor's NOTAM is off-line for now.

Remarks by the Honorable (Sgt) William Rehnquist, Chief Justice of the United States and AWA member, at the DC AMS meeting on Oct 23, 2001

NFL Protests

A3O-W Grams and related documents, last update 06/11/2014
What is ROWF about? ROWF List (713 addresses) 5/28/2018 cloud
Stuff TOO BIG to email 7/19/18
Jobs for ROWFs 5/8/18 Neil Gray's Story in HTML format
Fred Scheeren's India Saga (25KB)
Fred Scheeren's Memory of Vietnam (10MB)
Links to sites of interest to ROWFs. Last update 4/15/2018
George Davenport's report on his experiences in Tehran during the Iranian revolution. A 3.4MB MSWord file AIR FORCE WEATHER, OUR HERITAGE 1937 TO 2012 (42MB) .
square Blog on the History of AFCCC and Military Applied Climatology
square Craig Kirwin's Army Air Force and United States Air Force Memorial Day Tribute 2016
squareThe late Col Jack Sharp's book, "Cold Fronts," is on the web on the Air Weather Reconnaissance Assn ( page at: With a forward by Brig Gen Al Kaehn, it tells the story of Jack's life in AWS during the Cold War, retiring in 1974.

squareSee also the 6th Weather Squadron (Mobile) Alumni Association page.

squareAnd also the page for former Combat Weather (Airborne) specialists.

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American Meteorological Society (DC-AMS)

See DC AMS web page at


What is ROWF about?

The ROWF consist of former Air Weather Service (AWS) people who get together occasionally to have a beer and discuss how things were better in the old days. For diversity purposes, we also have a smattering of retired Naval Oceanographic Command oceanographers. Neither one of those organizations exist anymore, at least not under those names, but we don't care. There are also some active duty AFWA members who hope to retire someday. The core ROWF group is in the Washington DC area, but mailing list members are now all around the country and overseas.

ROWF Email List

The original purpose the ROWF email list was to send out beer call reminders. However, it is more often used for jokes, AWS-related news items, and debates on such topics as who was the first MAC member to loose an AMS election. Sadly, it sometimes passes obituaries and other unhappy news about ROWFs.

If you have heard about ROWF and are disappointed in not finding much news on this page, then you probably should join the email list. By far, that is where most of the ROWF action is. To join, send a message to Dave Pace at the address given below. Note that there are actually two email lists. Almost everyone is on the general ROWF list. However, there is also a small filtered list composed mostly of active duty AF/AF-A3W people. The filtered gets only the most newsy and most politically correct items--to make sure we don't wear out our welcome at the Pentagon. New ROWFs go on the general list by default, but all wusses who want to reduce the level of junk mail they get from ROWF can request that they be moved to the filtered list.

There is an archive of past emails at, but you have to identify yourself to Google and get a password from them to access it. Most people don't bother; they just read the messages as they come in. Or maybe they delete them as they come in.


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